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Back to home with your iPad…

It is to recover and utilize the result of the editing done during your trip. ePhotoTag stores all data in XMP sidecar files. These files must be repatriated to your computer and stored in the same directory as your original photos that you imported as usual.

Two methods are proposed. Either from the iPad or from iTunes.

Recovering sidecar files from iPad…

  • launch ePhotoTag,
  • select an album,
  • and especially disable any filter.
  • use the action button (top left) and select ‘send sidecar files’
  • ePhotoTag create a compressed file of all files companions and sends them to the email address you enter.
  • upon receipt of the mail, retrieve files and drop them into the directory where you stored your original photos.

… or recovering sidecar files from iTunes.

  • connect your iPad to your desktop computer
  • launch iTunes  !
  • click your iPad on left column, then
  • select the “Apps” tab
  • click ePhotoTag in the application list which share their data
  • you get a list of directories created by ePhotoTag. You can select one and move it to the desktop of your computer, or use the “save as”.
  • retrieve files and drop them in the directory where you stored your original photos.

What to do next?

  • some programs are able to read these files directly as they are XMP files, so they will import the information directly.
  • others are unable to do it, then you must merge these files to the original files using ExifTool utility (or another if you want).
  • You can download and install ExifTool by following the links on this page. The same page also provides you a script to run ExifTool with the appropriate options to merge files quickly.
  • Copy the script file ePhotoTagMergeXmp in your applications directory.
  • Click to launch and select the directory to be processed. The original files and files companions of the same name will be merged.
  • The original files are saved. You can keep or delete them later if you wish.