All shooting informations  :

The magnifying glass display enables full resolution.
Tap on the area to be magnified.
Hold your finger and drag to move the magnifying glass.
You can increase the space available for the image by bending the information panel with the ▶ button. The space dedicated to the definition of the filter can also be folded with ◀.

Use presets :

Choose presets and apply. Your image is modified and ready to be published !

Publish !

Decodes raw files

Demosaicing processing can exploit the files of more than 500 cameras.
Performance and picture size supported depends on the model of your iPad, see the comparison.
Fast decoding divides by 2 the size of the picture.

Crop and rotate is easy :

To rotate the image, place a finger on each side of the photo and do a rotation.
Press and drag the handles to reduce the size of the photo.
Change the ratio of the image by clicking the button ▣ or go from landscape to portrait with ↰ button.

Enhance your images with your comment :

Adjust the rendering :

indicate the place of shooting :

Open files from other apps :

The list of albums can be reversed to show latest albums first :