Import your photos within your iPad

You have a camera and an iPad. You need an adapter.

The adapter depends on what you want to do because there are two possibilities. Either you connect the camera to the iPad, or you remove the SD card from your camera and plug it on the iPad. I prefer the latest solution because you save the camera’s battery.

Here are the different models available from Apple (the first for iPad 1, 2 and 3, the last two models for iPad 4 and iPad mini with ‘lightning’ connector):

Connect everything and wait! Your iPad displays a list of images contained in the card or in the camera.

Select the photos you want to import and click OK.

For optimal performance when working in RAW, set your camera to produce also JPEG on a secondary card and only import those files. You can then merge the changes stored in XMP sidecar files with your original RAW files.

Then go on ePhotoTag !